It’s time to Champion Up my friends! Oh am I ready to step into my courage at Get Inspired Talks! The tickets are finally here for this amazing event on October 19th!

I’m SSSSOOOO excited to announce that I’ve been selected to speak at Vancouver’s most inspiring event of the year – Get Inspired Talks Here’s a short video that describes my talk

It’s a huge honour for me to be part of this event and be able to share my important message with the world. It would mean a lot to me if you could be there. Your Evening Ticket costs $47 + GST. You’ll get a life changing experience featuring 6 inspiring short talks offering fresh solutions to a variety of humanity’s pressing problems. We’ll share a memorable evening together in great seats in the Playhouse Theatre on Saturday, October 19th.

You buy your Evening Ticket(s) online by clicking this link –…

It’s REALLY important that you use this link to buy your ticket(s) because when you do the event organizers know to seat you in my reserved section of premium seats. There will be a lot of ENERGY and love in my section! Be sure to buy an Evening Ticket(s) and NOT an Afternoon Ticket.

In early October I’ll send you an auditorium seat map that shows where our group is sitting.

Please join me. #getinspiredtalks


You have stepped onto a new path, a new journey. Your Champion will need you to step over the obstacles by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It's your time and you have some winning to do. It's time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change in your life.

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