Learning From Mistakes is the Catalyst For Growth

People are not creating more in their businesses or their personal lives right now because they are afraid of just taking risks. We can’t see the result (that there’s no guarantee in it going as planned), so of course it can be scary. We fear the mistakes of the possible failure, followed by the backlashes of criticism, the loss of importance, loss of finances or the worsening of the current situation or even our relationships. The problem here is that there is too much caution and timidity that is keeping powerful people like you around this planet from expanding, whether it be business, your health, mindset or skill set.

We stunt our own growth by failing to try things out and sticking with them long enough to see if it will work.

How many of you know people who do things one or two times and they decide that they’re an expert on it? I was one of them at one point in my life.

I have learned that you have to do things more than a few times. It requires multiple attempts before you can begin to see some kind of result, or that it is actually working for you. Do you feel right now like you need a change? Are you wondering why you are bored and why you’re at the same job or the same relationship on the same path that seems to be dull and stagnant? I’m going to provide you with some words of wisdom from one of the most powerful scientists to walk this planet, and he was all about taking risks.

Albert Einstein said, “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” You see people who take more risk, experience more adventure in their lives, and a life full of adventure is a life full of many decisions. And here’s the catch. The ones that turn out to be the wrong ones give you better experiences to make better decisions. Right now, is the time to start trying out some new things, even if it leads to mistakes and some will. I learned this by taking on a business risk with someone years ago when I was heavily involved in the fitness industry.

I’ve done so many things and I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. Some have been very painful to learn from. But that’s just it – I’m learning from mistakes.  Refusing to learn from mistakes leads to suffering and self-sabotage.  The resistance and negativity of the outcome that we host only invites the feelings of sadness, anger and pain. We can’t create better experiences from that feeling. Neither can we learn or grow from them. Remember: You need to be learning from mistakes.

People who take more risk, experience more adventure. A life full of adventure is a life full of many decisions. The ones that turn out to be the wrong give you better experiences to make better decisions. Start taking some more risks and to encourage you to do this. Remember that the people who grow forward in life achieve better results and experience more fulfilling things, are those who take more calculated risks and don’t mind making valuable mistakes to learn from them.

Want to learn about one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my business, and how I learned from it? Read about My Big Mistake here.


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