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Adrian Starks:0:34Well, welcome back everyone to the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. I am your host and my name is Adrian starts and we’re excited to have you back for another amazing episode. Make sure to go to the APP store, type in the word champion up to get that free champion up app for download. Also give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so that we can have more amazing content coming to you weekly. Today’s show is all about saying yes to life and Ooh, do I like that? Joining us today on an all new edition of the champion up podcast, the purpose life show to share that message of saying yes to life is Joy Resor and Joy is absolutely a joy to talk with today and I’m excited to share a little bit of her story. Joy is a spiritual counselor, children’s author and joy bringer who inspires love, peace, and joy in the path of those she encounters every day. Joy Lives in North Carolina where she hula hoops and sunbeams writes books that inspire folks to deeper life of love and shares adventures with her partner, Michael. Joy’s Inner chatter will share laughter with you and any moment and I’m excited to share this laughter with joy as well today. Joy, welcome to our show.
Joy Resor :1:41Thank you, Adrian. It’s great to be here.
Adrian Starks:1:44Well, it is a joy to have you here today. And I’m going to keep saying that word because I think we need it all in our life and we’re excited to really share your story and what you’re bringing to this planet with helping people understand about saying yes to life. Joy, can you share a little bit with our audience today about what you do?
Joy Resor :2:03Thank you, sir. I am. I bring love, peace and joy in every aspect of my life. I serve clients in spiritual direction. That is what I’m certified in. I have an ability to bring the vibration, enter any room up because I am a high vibrational individual even though I’m an introvert. But when I am with people, I light up and, um, I am having so much fun doing many more interviews than I ever thought. I mean, I never thought my life would be this. And I, I hear all the time how my books have inspired people and uh, I, so I show up in a sense to spiritual. Yeah. Spiritual conventions and different things.
Adrian Starks:2:59Okay. And so I,
Adrian Starks:3:00speaking of books, you have a book called designed to shine, read aloud, rhymes for any sized heart, and that is absolutely an encouraging book. What inspired you, Joy, to want to do this kind of work of bringing this light into people’s lives?
Joy Resor :3:20Thank you. Oh my gosh. Well, its my joy. I was named Joy. My joy was squashed in my family and I tucked inward. I wrote poetry. I went and sat on a rock outside and communicated with the god of my understanding. And I believed that my life someday would be much better. Um, so lo and behold, when I was in my thirties I was married. I was working on healing wounds from my childhood. I was a stay at home mother. And I started writing in my journal a daily prayer to become the joy I am created to be the joy you’re created to be.
Joy Resor :4:13Oh yeah. Thank you. And it, I never knew the power in my own journaling, but I’ve watched my life just change in change and me living into so many synchronicities of being led to the right books, the right healer, the right class, so that I could continue becoming a better version of who I am. And Lo and behold, these three books that have come through me. I never tried to write then Adrian. Hmm. They, I believe that I have become so clear in my beingness. I have beautiful spiritual practices in the morning and at night, and that I am a channel for what divinity wants to bring into the world through me. Um, and, and this book, I’m not surprised that it came in Ryan. Um, and I am so grateful that I’ve had so many people say to me, I was hesitant to look at this book because I don’t really like Ryan. And I thought it might be sing song me or something else that would bother me. But Joy, these rhymes are beautiful and delightful and meaning. Yes.
Adrian Starks:5:38Wonderful. You know? And so for you saying yes to yourself, like you mentioned before about your morning and evening spiritual routines, which I think is very important for us to have routines in our lives to pay attention to ourselves. But when you wrote this book designed to shine, which is a poetical book for our audience listening, you must get this book. It’s basically the alphabet a to Z and within this alphabet, each letter is formulated in the style of a point that brings inspiration, which is so soothing to the mind into the heart. Thank you for that, Joy. I really appreciate it. Yeah, but this fascinating and political book that you wrote, you obviously said yes to it because it’s what you wanted to do. Do you feel that by saying yes to what really matters to us in our hearts, that, that is a courageous act and part of us saying yes to life?
Joy Resor :6:31I do. And you just gave me goosebumps because, and you gave me the reminder that years ago I laid on the ground to surrender my life to divinity. That is courage, it took courage because my ego that I still had left in me did not want me to do it. My Ego was in fear that I would be wiped out of off the planet. And you know, my ego is fear. I think a lot of it, it’s comparison and fear and judgment. And I agree with you, you know? Yeah. And so me surrendering to the god of my understanding, it has completely changed my life in the most beautiful ways. And I, I even said to my partner on the phone this morning, I said, I can’t believe it because yes, those who might look up my website, I also put in the world beautiful batik fabric, um, items that have positive words on them.
Joy Resor :7:45And I was led to advertise for a new seamstress. It’s been really months and months and maybe longer that my current seamstress really wasn’t saying yes to me, you know, and kind of just saying, I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it. And I finally had a conversation and said, you know what, if I reach out for another seamstress and my scenes just said, please do. Um, I, I do not need to be the only one selling for you and I welcome you to do that. And the woman who answered the first woman who answered my ad is so excited to, so for me, I am, and she’s such an expert seamstress that she’s even going to sew things for an event. I am in this coming weekend.
Adrian Starks:8:43Amazing. You know, exchange of events going on there. I just love this story that you’re telling me. And you mentioned before, I want to go back to this about the ego being that fear part of you, but why do you think many people avoid saying yes to life?
Joy Resor :9:02And there are a million reasons and all the personal ones, why I didn’t and I was so covered over with shame and hiding and perfectionism and um, there were years I wasn’t even in my body. I was living from the neck up. There was a time I received a direct, what’s the word? Not an order, but maybe like maybe an order like don’t go. I was getting on the highway and I heard don’t go now these days I would turn around. I am grounded in my body. I believe, I believe in the voices that I hear that they are for my good but, but that back then I wasn’t grounded in my body. I was in my perfectionism and I, I chalked that up to fear that it was, it was some voice in me that didn’t want me to drive to downtown Cleveland, Ohio.
Adrian Starks:10:06But there’s this whole metaphor for what happened because here I am a woman named joy who was going to interview a woman named faith and yes, and I heard don’t go. And I didn’t believe that it was a good warning and I prayed for protection and I went, um, one, one or two blocks before the church where I was meeting faith, my brain registered whore. That because the people waiting at the red light to my right as I approached the green light had a look of horror on their faces. It’s because the next split second, my car was sent through the green light. A man was having a seizure behind me. He was hitting parked cars and the p the, as I was approaching the green light, the people at the red light, we’re watching this unfolding. So they, they saw that he was going to crash into me and he sent me through a green light on a one way street. So, um, I am, I needed to be here. You know, I was saved, I had neck and back, um, soft tissue injuries that I held in my body for not for nine years because I had been a doctor’s daughter. I didn’t, the concept of Chiropractic was nowhere in me. And if someone had said to me, go to see a chiropractor, then the memory would have come up that, that is a bad, bad thing.
Adrian Starks:11:56You mentioned too about making decisions from the neck up and I totally get that and that really gave me a visual about us not working from the heart. What are some, just a couple of examples of some steps our audience can have today to start saying yes to their life?
Joy Resor :12:13Oh goodness. Um, yes to say to say yes to our lives. What I recommend is giving yourself some time. Okay. And write down everything you are doing. Okay. And look at it. What are you doing that someone else can be doing? Okay. What are, where are you care taking that is not this person you are to be care taking. Like I think that’s so many people’s lives are overly full with commitments and responsibilities and, but it’s not all true responsibility. So many people are taking care of things that aren’t. There’s two, two.
Adrian Starks:13:01Yes. I agree with that. Taking that responsibility on for other things that are not your responsibility. I so agree.
Joy Resor :13:08Yes. And when we get clear on what is ours to do, what is another’s to do? When we get the clarity that we can speak for ourselves and see that it’s also, I’ve just journeyed through so much. There was so many years I couldn’t even speak up for myself. And so I wasn’t saying yes to my own life because I didn’t have any voice at all. But it all kind of happened around the same time. It was after my divorce that I started living differently. Um, I was able to live into forgiveness of the marriage, failing of my ex’s part in it and my part in it. And I, I started doing so much bodywork, Adrian, where I got so grounded and what had happened in all the years of living in fear and being a perfectionist is that my body was kind of tucked into itself and tight. Yes. Yeah. So I’ve done raw feeling and chiropractic and polities and stretching and so many things to open my body, open my heart. And I believe it is with an open heart that it’s way easier to say yes to life.
Adrian Starks:14:39Oh. So living with an open heart, it’s even easier to say yes to life. And speaking of, yes. So we’re going to go back to this fascinating book called designed to shine here. And on page 48 there is a part and it’s with the letter y, which is guess what the word is? Audience. Yes. And so the first few phrases here, it really captivated me. It says you may hear more no than yes as you flow. It’s how some adults take lead as you grow. And I thought that was absolutely wonderful because we do hear the word no a lot in our lives, but joy, how many times a day do you think that you say yes to life?
Joy Resor :15:26Oh my gosh, I have been, I have changed and changed and changed and I am an adventure now, Adrian and listeners, and I say so many more yeses, but at the same time, I am cautious of not saying so many yeses that I’m running like crazy because I have learned of who I am and I don’t. I don’t thrive when I’m doing too much and I don’t thrive when I put pressure on myself, I thrive with allowing with space in my life with a lot of peace in my life with rest, with saying yes and accomplishing a lot is is what I do. I say a lot of yeses and I also, um, I just, I think honoring ourselves is a huge topic.
Adrian Starks:16:32I love that honoring ourselves is such a huge topic. And speaking of honoring ourselves when we do hear that word no, I always see it as like, oh no, maybe that’s a sign from the universe and the world telling us to go a different direction. Or maybe it’s a sign saying move on to the next opportunity. So what does the word no mean to you and do you hear it often being such a joy that you are in life?
Joy Resor :16:56Thank you. I don’t hear the word no that often, but even when I do, it’s um, I can receive it with such ease. Now I do not take it personally and I take it as what you named Adrian. It’s a sign that maybe I need to change direction. Maybe this isn’t the right time for this thing. And I actually had a recent event where it was a phone call with a merchant who invited me in with my books for a book reading in November. And then there she was in whatever month it was march saying just not, I don’t think we want you anymore. And I listened and I said, wow, that’s interesting. Thank you for letting me know. We talked, we talked a little more. Um, we talked more. And then when I named that I’m going to be on this local media and this local media and doing a book reading at this local bookstores, she’s like, oh, well maybe we can keep your things, you know, because I’m probably going to do shoutouts to her store if I am on local media. So she realized I could be an asset to her. 
Adrian Starks:18:22Of course she realized that.(laughing)
Joy Resor :18:26Yeah. So yeah, mostly my life is unbelievably beautiful and I believe that it’s because I am in service to divinity to bring love into this world and that divinity desires more and more people who are awake and not overly committed to whatever and not wounded. That people that can say yes to bringing love onto this planet.
Adrian Starks:18:57Ooh, people are saying yes to bringing love on this planet. And that is something that I feel as a culture and society that we’re misusing the word love and what it means and how to accept it. And more importantly, how to give it to the people in our lives and the world. And what you’re saying is we’ve got to say yes to love. So speaking of love, I know that the children are loving this book and this concept as you travel across the world and spread this joyful message, how are, yeah, you’re welcome. So what is your feeling about this as you spread this message more? How, how are the children feeling about this message? What are you receiving from them?
Joy Resor :19:43Oh Gosh, thank you Adrian. I’m receiving, um, amazing attentiveness and when I read these rhymes to children, yes, and smiles, um, but not only it’s beyond the children, I have reviews from 65 year old people who say, you know, I didn’t, I bought this, this one woman, she said, I bought this book for when children visit, but no one’s visiting me. And I love getting it out. Luckily it makes me feel lighter. And this is what all my books people have said to me because I am an inspiration through my words. Thank you. I believe that I came here to be named joy, have my joy, squash, fight back to find my two I and then bring it.
Adrian Starks:20:43Find your joy and you hear that everyone bring your out here in the world. And speaking of this book, you know I’m quite a poetical person myself and I love poetry from people such as Robert Frost to Maya Angelou. And the list goes on and on. So I must tell you that your book is now in my personal library, in my poetry section. So for the audience that is listening, this book is for you, it is for your children, is for anyone in your life that you feel can have a little bit more zest, a little bit more joy, and a little bit more encouragement and to lighten that stress from their shoulders as speaking of lightening stress from their shoulders. Joy, is there any way that our audience can get in contact with you to learn more about your journey? About where you’re going to be speaking next. Your next book’s coming out. Is there any way they can contact you?
Joy Resor :21:35Certainly. Thank you. I do a decent job listing my events on my website. I realized today, Oh, I have more events I need to add. Um, but that you could go to my website, And find and also connect with me through there or connect with me on Facebook @Joy.Resor or @joyonyourshoulders.
Adrian Starks:22:03Hey, joy on your shoulders. You are just so, this is an extraordinary person. I just, I’m smiling right now as we speak. I do a lot of smiling, but you’ve put a greater smile on my face today. So join me. We’re going to end here with a courageous creator question, which I have, which the guests love. And the question I have for you today is this, why should we say yes more to life? And what happens when we ignore this decision to say yes.
Joy Resor :22:34Oh my gosh, that’s such a great question, Adrian. Especially for me because I can see, I’ll give you an example. Um, a couple of years ago, well, I have these two grown amazing sons and one was serving in the Peace Corps in Namibia in Africa. I called him, we had this beautiful conversation and this question arose in me. I said, would you like me to visit? And the thing is, I’m so certain that years ago I, I never would have asked the question so that since I had become more of an adventure in life and that to me was experimenting, saying more yeses more often, leaning into new things more often to see if they resonate or not. But it led me to go to Africa and have a enjoy a photo safari with my older son. That was an amazing time that we shared together. Um, so I just know that saying yes, um, it opens us to more experiences.
Joy Resor :23:54It leads us to meet interesting people. It gives us more, more joy and more opportunities to love life. Like I am, I am in awe of really Adrian and listeners ever since I grounded in my body. I’m in awe at the beauty of life, at the beauty of our planet. And I mean the beauty of meals like I eat, I’m so mindful now, I am present. I am so awake and having the adventure of a lifetime that I didn’t ever know that I would be inspiring people through my books. But I was writing since I was a little girl, um, tucked into myself. Um,
Adrian Starks:24:53This is wonderful and this is why you’re a courageous creator and the reason why you are on this show because you’re bringing joy to the lives of the multitude of people across this wonderful and magnificent planet. The fact that your name is joy really inspires me because it says this, we must be true to ourselves and understand what that truth is an act out that truth in the world and you’re acting out the truth of joy. And that is through your poetry, through your words of inspiration. And so for our audience listening today, I would encourage you to get this book designed to shine. Read Aloud, rhymes for any sized heart. And I’m going to go back to this phrase, any size heart. So no matter where you are in life, no matter what your age, what your background is, what your circumstances are, this book is for you. This book is for you to bring joy into your lives and let joy be on your shoulders and joy. I’m so excited that you are on this journey and I would love to know do you have any other things are coming up like another book that you’re going to be releasing or anything of that sort down the road.
Joy Resor :25:59Thank you Adrian. Yes I am ever evolving and ever bringing new things into the world and there is a second designed to shine read aloud rhymes for any size heart that will be yes, it will be coming out later this year with 26 new enlivening rhymes. So where this one covers a tension balanced change and 23 more topics. The second volume has a rhyme for a maze believe create and I’m really excited about that. Next also coming into the world to bless how it can bless to bless, how it can bless.
Adrian Starks:26:49This ladies and gentlemen is why joy is a courageous creator. Thank you so much joy for bringing us a joy and it was a joy to be on the show today.
Adrian Starks:26:58You are so welcome, Adrian. Thank you for the opportunity.
Adrian Starks:27:01You’re absolutely welcome and to our audience today. Think about this. How can you say yes more to life and to create the joy that you actually deserve? Until then, I encourage you all to be that courageous creator in your life. This is the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast with myself Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you’ve enjoyed our podcast today, don’t forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life!


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