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Adrian Starks:0:35Welcome everyone today. My name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the champion up podcast. I am the host and I’m so happy to have you here on this courageous creator day. We do have a very special episode, but before we do that, I want to remind you to make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe to our show and to go and download that champion up app for some amazing, powerful content. Today’s topic is about seeing your uniqueness. And I love this tagline by a wonderful person named Loree Cowling that’s going to be on our show and give us some tips about how to be that kind of person, understanding yourself, showing up more out here in the environment and what you can do to really see that uniqueness and other people. So we do have Loree on and Loree, can you say hello?
Loree Cowling:1:18Yeah, for sure. Hi. And I’m so grateful to be joining you and your audience today.
Adrian Starks:1:24Well, we’re grateful to have you here and we’re so happy to be able to learn some great things from you because you know all about seeing your uniqueness. And so a little bit about Loree here. Loree Cowling is a dedicated, loving mom to a beautiful daughter who has chosen to shine her light as a divine soul with down syndrome. Their experiences together inspire Loree to support people, to participate in an impactful conversations that transform how people celebrate themselves and others. She is an international best selling author, speaker, and advocate for inclusion as a natural conversation in all environments. Loree facilitates inspired and engaged connections within core relationships at home, in schools, at the workplace and our broader communities. And this is why I consider Loree a courageous creator who has decided on bringing purpose to her life. Welcome to the show today, Loree.
Loree Cowling:2:16Thank you so much. I’m excited to be in this conversation with you.
Adrian Starks:2:20I’m excited to be in this conversation as well. And for all of you who do not know Loree, she is a great conversationalist and we always talk about certain things and I learned so much from her. So I just knew that Loree had to come on this show because we need to learn how to see that part of ourselves that we’re not seeing. Let’s be honest. You know, we live in a society where we’re being taught to be like other people or we’re being told that we can’t be ourselves, we can’t be different and we can’t stand out. We can’t, you know, as we say, ruffle any feathers or start any waves. Because if we do that, we may not be likable. I may not be lovable, I may not be acceptable. And that’s so not the truth. The truth is, is that when we see that part of ourselves seeing your uniqueness, then that allows us to be more lovable, more acceptable, because people can see us not see what we’re trying to convince them of.
Adrian Starks:3:13They see through us. And that’s what I love about Loree. She sees you as she always says, I see you. And it’s so important for someone to say that. Have you ever had anyone tell you I see you, or have you ever told anyone? I see you , you may be saying wait, that has nothing to do with me. Yes it does. Because if you don’t see yourself, you won’t see other people and you will not be able to do what you really love to do and create value out here in the world through your businesses, through your personal relationships, whatever it may be for you. So Loree, I would like to know a little bit more about you for our audience, so can you share a little bit about what you do?
Loree Cowling:3:54Oh, absolutely. And first I just want to say how beautiful it is to hear you talk about seeing you and the energy from which you said that was so heart-based. And it feels so good to be able to, to hear that from another soul. And I just want to thank you for sharing that with your audience and with myself today. And you’re welcome. You’re welcome. That is the foundation of what I do is to create the awareness and the space for other people and myself to learn how to celebrate every single part of who they are, not just the parts that fall into the higher key of what society says is valuable, but to truly understand that who we are as defined beings and just ourselves is perfect. Exactly as we are in every moment that we show up. And I really support people to find that awareness for themselves and then allow that to model out into their families and their communities and their businesses.
Adrian Starks:5:08So beautiful. So you allow them to find that awareness for themselves so we can model that out to their families and communities and businesses. So that is why it’s so important what Lori does to help you see that awareness of you. Because we are all at times living through a veil and that has to come off for us to really give ourselves, you know, authentically and honestly to our environments and our communities. Loree, for anyone looking to expand themselves, to show up more out here in the world to be more honest and open or to even create a business by doing what they love. What is the biggest step that you think they need to take first?
Loree Cowling:5:52I, I really think that one of the first steps that we any of take is in finding within ourselves this desire to celebrate who we are and to spend a little time creating the community around you, the people around you that are fired up and excited for you to know who you are and what you’re bringing to the world is like laying this foundation for yourself that as you proceed to share your business or your dream or your message or you know, your, your global impact, that you have to have that foundation of celebration. And it’s one of the things we all forget to add into our business plans or our goal planning or, or any of those things.
Adrian Starks:6:44I liked that you said that. You said the foundation of, what was that again? The foundation of impact?.
Loree Cowling:6:52Yeah, right. The foundation of the impact that we’re creating for ourselves and for our families and for the world starts with celebrating to start to enjoy. It starts enjoy. We, we all create these ideas for our businesses are dreams first in a place of joy, and then we often forget that that needs to remain as part of what we do.
Adrian Starks:7:15Ooh, I love that. It should remain as part of what we do. I’m taking notes by the way. I got to do this. So when we’re building businesses, most people, even myself at some point when we’re getting really productive and we’re excited, we think that the happiness comes after we’ve succeeded. Right? We, hold everything off. So what you’re saying is that no, it starts now. We need to have fun now and have happiness now because that could improve our businesses and relationships.
Loree Cowling:7:47Absolutely. One of the keys that I use in my own personal life and that I show other people how to do is building evidence. And I now have the conscious state where even in this communication, I’m building evidence of the, the joy of what I do and I’m building the evidence that other people are receiving me and that I’m receiving other people because that’s, that’s my core thing that I desire to experience. So
Loree Cowling:8:19yeah,
Loree Cowling:8:20we need to learn how to build the evidence right now today in what we’re doing, that we’re succeeding and we’re doing amazing and we’re doing amazing today. No matter what today looks like,
Adrian Starks:8:35love it. So we’re doing amazing today, no matter what today looks like. And so not to live too much in the future, which people will do. And this causes anxiety, right? They’re thinking too much down the road as opposed to just being in the moment. Now that’s part of seeing our uniqueness, right?
Loree Cowling:8:52For sure. And what happens when we, you know, we hold off the celebration and we hold off seeing who we are until we’ve accomplished the things that we have decided are important outcomes in our life. Whether it’s in your personal life or your business life or your community. What happens when we hold off doing that is we actually start to close down and we start to shrink and we start to get smaller and we start to have doubt and uncertainty because we’re never reaching where we’re going. Right? Or if you’re building that evidence and you’re celebrating and you’re seeing yourself every day, then actually your outcomes grow. And the impact that you believe you can make actually gets bigger because you’re already making impact.
Adrian Starks:9:43So seeing yourself every day and most don’t do that. They just get up in the morning and you know, throw the clothes on, do their autopilot morning routine. And they don’t even stop to look at themselves in a mirror. I mean, and they just take off, right? Go to work and have their day. So what step could they take like to see themselves? Would that be like looking in the mirror or just taking a deep breath or
Loree Cowling:10:03what would that look like? Absolutely. You know, the very first place we start seeing ourselves is in the mirror. One of the tools, like one of the gifts that I, I always say to people is before you go to sleep tonight, just tonight, write down on a piece of paper something about yourself that you’ve always wanted to celebrate that you’ve never been allowed. You know, you might be really great at, you know, my mom, she reads like five novels at a time. Uh, she was always told that reading is great but that she shouldn’t let it take over her life. So, you know, when we started having this conversation, she wrote down, I celebrate that I can be involved in so many stories at one time. So I encourage everybody to, before you go to bed on a piece of paper, write down something you want to celebrate about yourself. And when you wake up, hold that between your hands and love up that idea of you being perfect exactly as you are. And then what will happen is throughout the day you’ll notice those places and you’ll start to celebrate that part of yourself.
Adrian Starks:11:17I love that. Celebrate that part of yourself. So the night before you write down something you want to celebrate and then you wake up the next day and you think about that. Okay, that is important for me to know and for everyone else to know because it is so misunderstood about the value of self because many people will think, well, if I think about myself, is that being selfish or I got to think about other people first. You know, they come first, I come second. That’s kind of how we’ve been conditioned to think. And I find this is part of the problem with people when they’re wondering why they feel hollow inside, why they feel like there’s no one giving them what they want. Whereas reality is they should be doing that themselves by celebrating themselves. And I just love the fact that you said that. What inspired you to do this kind of work?
Loree Cowling:12:07I am beyond grateful and inspired every day by my daughter. So Sydney was born 21 years ago with down syndrome and she every day shows up in this place of pure joy. And she has shown me that it’s okay to be who you are exactly as you are. You know, one of the things she’s fit like amazing at is she going be really mad at me and still love me and she doesn’t need to define, um, she doesn’t need to define her choice of I dislike you in this moment as being you’re not a good person. So she kind of inspired me to go out and see other people exactly as they are. And when you do that, it creates this ripple. And when you stand in this place of loving yourself, it allows other people to love themselves. And it’s just really that, that she’s shown me how to do and you know, she is impacting the world by telling people exactly as you are is beautiful.
Adrian Starks:13:25Exactly as you are, as beautiful. And that is so necessary, especially in the younger generation today that finds themselves comparing and competing so much for attention, for validation. So you have designed this amazing business. See Uniqueness, which I love it by the way. I love the name of it. Absolutely fantastic name. And how do you spell that? Because you spell it in a very unique way.
Loree Cowling:13:52I do. So um, see is s e e and uniqueness. And we always capitalize. See, and you, and the reason why is because I see, I see you and even when you’ve read that you’ve, you feel like somebody sees me and you know, I teach this with our supporters and we have used at baths. Basadur said help us. And um, anybody that’s working with me, I teach them that for 10 seconds. When you meet somebody to just take a breath and think, I wish to see you, I wish to see you. And it, when you do that and you see somebody, they feel it and it then allows them to receive you different and you receive them different instead of that defensive place of, you know, saying, how are you today or what are you doing today? You know, that always puts people in a place of having to defend their aids.
Adrian Starks:14:53I, you know, if that is such an amazing point. So when we ask how that puts them into a defensive won’t versus when we say I see you. Okay. All right. So that’s something we can change. We can change how we approach, so we, okay. Yeah, absolutely. That sounds all right. See, this is why I just love having people such as yourself on this show because it is all about how we’re impacting the world in a very powerful way. So how can our audience here today get in touch with you and to learn more about this powerful, magnificent movement and company you have going on? What’s the uniqueness?
Loree Cowling:15:30Okay,
Loree Cowling:15:31so right now the two ways that we’re, um, really wanting people to start accessing is, the first one is our you tube channel, which is see uniqueness. And we launched a movement last year, which I’m calling Sydney’s million, that’s my daughter’s name. And we are in biting a million people to celebrate and share their uniqueness. So we have a video on the youtube page and if, you know, people can go and check that out and share it in like it. And, um, you know, be a part of our million that would be amazing. And the other way is we have a Facebook group right now called see uniqueness and this is where we’re, you know, sharing some of our content and some of the ways that you can impact your life and other people’s lives and as well we are about to launch our app.
Adrian Starks:16:21Oh my app. You guys have an APP coming out? We should do, okay. So in this APP is it for free download?
Adrian Starks:16:31Okay.
Loree Cowling:16:32It is a free download and it’s going to be filled with um, content and we’re going to have places where you can see some of the, uniquenesses other people are sharing and there’s going to be a page of learning how to celebrate you.
Adrian Starks:16:45I love it. I’m going to get that APP because I need to start learning how to see my uniqueness more. Even me. Yes, me, Adrian, I have to start learning to look at me more. And this is absolutely wonderful Loree. And that’s why you are a courageous creator on the purposeful life show. There is one question that I will ask you before we end today and it’s a courageous creator question.
Loree Cowling:17:06Yeah.
Adrian Starks:17:07Back. Sure. Ready to hear it. What does the world need more of?
Loree Cowling:17:15Yeah.
Adrian Starks:17:17I really in all of my heart believe that the world is in this position right now to choose an awareness of love over an awareness of fear and what we need to do that is to see ourselves with this sense of knowing that you are beautiful, define magnificent being already and then to choose with curiosity and excitement to start to see the people around you with this same sort of belief, to look at difference as a powerful way to be curious and know other people instead of a way to create wrongness and fear.
Adrian Starks:18:07Beautifully said, very powerful and that’s why I asked you that question, which is a courageous creator question and I want to thank you so much Loree, for being on our show today because this is absolutely wonderful for us to learn how to see our uniqueness and everyone is listening. Make sure you go to the youtube page of SEE uniqueness. Subscribe like the page. Share it as much as you can possibly spread the word. Go to the Facebook page, see uniqueness, like subscribe, share as much as possible and be on the lookout for this powerful, see uniqueness app. Because I’m going to get it and if I’m going to get it, you better get it because it is the thing to get to see that part of yourself. And Loree, is there any thing you want to say to our audience today before we’re done with our show? Any, just one word of advice for them.
Loree Cowling:19:02Okay.
Loree Cowling:19:02Yeah, for sure. Um, you know, something that I’ve really, really know and I have noticed is that oftentimes we want the transformation of our mindset and our outward experience to happen instantaneously. And you know, we believe that we can create it through sheer willpower and force, but transformation is a beautiful unfolding that happens over time and to really allow your, your willpower to be more about the power, to feel the strength and vulnerability to stand as you transform. And you know, just to be kind and gentle with yourself,
Adrian Starks:19:49being kind and gentle with yourself. That is the topic for this week for everyone. The lesson is to be kind and gentle with yourself. Don’t get too frustrated. Don’t get angry, don’t get impatient. Be Kind and gentle. So Loree, thank you so much for this wonderful, magnificent time on our show and I’m so happy that you were able to join us today and everyone on this show. Thank you for joining. Again, make sure to give us a five star rating, subscribe to our show, and also download that champion up app for more amazing content. Until then, I encourage you to be that courageous creator in your life.
Adrian Starks:20:26This is the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast with myself, Adrian Starks and thank you for listening. If you’ve enjoyed our podcast today, don’t forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator in your life.


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