Take out the trash! It’s time to clean up, get rid of the mess and remove the things that are spoiling your ability to CHANGE and grow into that better person! It is time to gather your unconquerable spirit and start to believe in what you can actually do if you just gave yourself the chance. Act towards the fear and not away from it! Don’t let the distractions of not succeeding the 1st time distract you. Get in there a make some noise and don’t be afraid to make some mistakes.

A great scientist once said that “a person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Don’t criticize yourself for not knowing everything. You are growing. Learn to have tunnel vision. Keep digging to pull up that Champion optimism. Get serious about where you need to go by having persistence and determination. Not everyone is going to get it. They don’t need to. Is it easy? No it is not! But you are a fascinating human being with unlimited potential! It’s time to Step into your Courage and walk through your fears! It’s time to Champion Up!


You have stepped onto a new path, a new journey. Your Champion will need you to step over the obstacles by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It's your time and you have some winning to do. It's time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change in your life.

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