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Hi, my name is Adrian Starks and welcome to the purposeful life show on the Champion Up podcast. This podcast is for the courageous creators wanting to create a life of meaning and adventure and fulfillment all while helping to make the world a better place. I’m happy you’re here and if you’re new to our show, make sure to give us that five star rating and subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes. Also, connect with us on Facebook and Instagram at champion up. It is always that one idea that could be your breakthrough. It’s time to step into your courage and belief, the champion in you. Hi. Welcome

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to the first episode of the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast. My name is Adrian Starks and I am the founder and CEO of champion up. I’m also a motivational speaker, a life coach, and an author and I’m so excited to be sharing this personal journey with you here today. Before we share that personal journey, let’s talk about our mission here with champion up podcast and the purposeful life show. Our mission is to help individuals across the planet who have lost their meaning direction in life, to rediscover happiness and fulfillment by choosing and creating a life, to live on purpose and with a purpose. And you can certainly do that. And that is why we’re here today on this show. I’m going to be bringing on what I call courageous creators. People in life who have decided to go with an idea, a vision, and a dream, and they worked on it so hard,

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that they brought it to a reality for themselves and to also have it be a reality for other people out here and to make the world a better place. Because I truly believe that we have a sacred birth right to be on this planet. And that is to plant our feet into something very powerful that is meaningful to us and to express it. But a lot of individuals will probably think, well, that’s great Adrian, but you know, my idea, my vision, my dream is not important. It’s not meaningful. And I certainly can’t make any money doing that. And I’m here to tell you that yes you can. I am living proof that your idea is meaningful, that your idea is important, that it can make a living or you can earn a living doing it. You know, in the words of Dr. Wayne Dyer, you know, great motivational, spiritual coach and teacher, he said this, he said that there’s no scarcity of opportunity of making a living at doing what you love.

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There’s only scarcity of resolve to make it happen. And this show is about giving you the resolve to make that idea, that opportunity happen for you. And because I really believe that when you have that one idea, it can completely revolutionize your life as it did for me because I wasn’t always this way. You know, four years ago I was in a state of despair. I was in a state of depression. I was in a state of fear. I went through an unexpected divorce. It brought me to my knees. You know, it was so bad that I thought about suicide and something happened in that moment where I decided not to take my life, but give my life to something. I go more into detail about this significant story on my free Webinar that I have on my website and if you watch the Webinar all the way through: it’s called how to finally create fulfillment and purpose in your life with just three easy steps.

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If you stay to the very end, there’s a very special gift for you as well. But in this Webinar I share my story and the steps I took. But when I had that idea, that breakthrough things opened up for me and I began to offer myself to the world and the idea began to develop. It began to get bigger. And this is why there’s a podcast today. This is why there’s a champion up APP. This is why there’s so many powerful things coming your way and so many people on this show, they will be sharing their message all because I decided to give my life to something and to move on an idea, move on a dream, move on a vision that no one else thought was possible except for me. And there was some people in my life that supported me. You know, some family and some friends.

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But reality is, is that a lot of times when we’re going for something in life, we don’t always have every support that we think we’re going to have. And that’s okay. It’s nothing wrong with that. But what’s important is that we have the resources to continue on with that vision and that dream, that idea that we have. And so when I had these resources, I began to continue to grow this movement of champion up. And this is why the podcast is here because I really want to make sure that you have everything you need to create that meaning and purpose in your life. And I want the people on the show, to show you that it doesn’t matter what age you are, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, doesn’t matter of your color, doesn’t matter of your gender, it doesn’t matter what has happened to you, what truly matters is what you’re willing to do right now with your life.

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And what ideas are you willing to move on to create that value, fulfillment and achievement in your life. And also another mission that I have with this show and champion up is to completely eradicate suicide off of the face of the earth. And yes, I am so adamant about that. People think I’m crazy and that’s all right. But, did you know that it happens to be the second leading cause of death from the ages of 15 to 29 we’re losing our future champions and if we decide to start being our own champions in our life and to become more meaningful, more purposeful, more happy by really taking on our ideas, we can help them do the same. So I’m going to need your help to spread this message of courage to everyone across the planet because I want to touch all seven continents.

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I want to touch every mind, every heart, every spirit, to get them to champion up in their lives and to live a life of meaning and purpose. And we’re going to do just that on the show by bringing on some spectacular people who have done the most amazing things. And they started from step one as we all do. And you may say, well Adrian, that’s great, but what does champion have to do with me? And I’m glad you’re thinking that because champion is not a word for only the athlete or the competitive people. It’s not, it’s a word for the human being because it goes way back to the 13th century. And champion is a person who’s a human being. They have an idea, they have a vision, they have a dream, they have something in life they’re trying to do, achieve and they’re willing to go through all obstacles, all challenges to see that become a production.

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And that is why I’m here as my own champion with this show with champion up podcasts. And that’s why you’re here to learn more about how can I do the same and my life? Because you have that personal sacred birth right to do just that. And we need more champions out here in the world. We need people to show up. We need people to create, we need less complaining, we need more doers. We need less people standing still. We need more people taking action. And that’s why I am saying that it is up to us to create that meaning and purpose in our life. And that is how I came to be who I am today and how I was able to remove myself from that stuck position in life, that uncertain position life and remove myself from that challenge and become so much better and to experience so much more.

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And I want you to do the same. I want you to give us a five star rating on the show and to also subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content because it’s going to be so powerful for you. Go to our social media pages of Instagram and Facebook and type in champion up and follow us there and also go to champion and watch that short webinar that I told you about so that you can get some more ideas of how to start this personal journey of your own. But in the mean time, I’m so happy to have you here and I’m excited for you to hear from these courageous creators who are going to be showing you the steps and tools and all the ideas that you need to have that breakthrough. It is time for you to champion up to your life and to believe that champion in you.

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This is the purposeful life show on the champion up podcast with myself, Adrian Starks, and thank you for listening. If you’ve enjoyed our podcast today, don’t forget to give us that five star rating and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss out on the powerful life changing content on future episodes. Also, make sure to go to champion for even more life changing content. Until then, I encourage you to be the courageous creator

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in your life.

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