I know a lot of people who have given up on their Dreams! It’s a tough road. There a lot of pot holes along the way, people weaving in and out of your lane distracting you and the map gets confusing. No one said the Dream was easy and neither should it be. You probably assume that there are just people on this planet who are geniuses and that is why they are winning all the time. Not true!!

You don’t see them behind closed doors, making sacrifices and doing what needs to be done even when they don’t feel like doing so. It’s about belief, planning, action, consistency, getting help and examining yourself daily to make sure you are not on the wrong road. Then there is the big WHY.

Why do you want it? What are you going to do when you have it? What is it going to be used for, to better humanity? Yes, to the person whom much is given, much is also required. Is there a clearly defined purpose for that Dream? This becomes your way of tuning out the naysayers. There are plenty of them. The majority don’t quit their dreams. They get talked out of them and that makes them quit. If someone can convince you to not go after your dream, it was never an important dream to you in the first place. It was a whim or a fantasy.

Champion Up for your Dream! You will need to be courageous enough to make the CHANGES that the dream requires. You can’t have anything different continuing to do what you have always been doing. If you want the Dream you will have to become it! You may have to let go of some things and people. It takes courage to go after and stay in pursuit of your Dream. It’s yours if you truly want it! Do you?


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You have stepped onto a new path, a new journey. Your Champion will need you to step over the obstacles by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It's your time and you have some winning to do. It's time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change in your life.

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