You may at times feel like you are the world’s best kept secret. But sooner than later with consistent ACTION the world will embrace your name and shout it out! As my grandma would always tell me, “baby if you want to be heard you gotta make some noise and claim your space”. ???? I can still feel her words of conviction and the southern draw, vibrating within every fibre of my being. But how do you make that noise and claim your space in a world where we have been conditioned to believe that there is not enough opportunity? A world where we watch people literally celebrate the downfall to those who they once admired. We hear them say, “I’m glad that is not me.” Then they hide back within their comforts and refuse to step out and be heard because of fear of ridicule and failure.

You can start making your own productive noise by turning down the voices of negativity and self- doubt in your mind. To instead, turn up your volume of enthusiasm and start preparing for what you want the world to hear from you. There will always be fear but you must go and grow forward through it. It’s time to start fine tuning the noises in our heads and listen to as Ralph Emerson would say, “that iron string that vibrates within us all.” This is your music. This is what the world should be hearing from you. Don’t play small anymore and remain quiet. Claim that space!

I recently had the talk of a lifetime on October 19th in front of an audience of over 400 people at Get Inspired Talks. The challenges along that 5-month preparation for this speech were plentiful. There were fears, setbacks and a lot of frustrations on numerous occasions. There was over 5000 hours of practice and multiple adjustments to my speech. This is what it takes to make noise in the world. It takes consistent ACTION.

It’s time to speak up and make more noise into 2020. Click on the video in this blog to see how I made my own noise and am now helping others to make changes in their lives to start making their own.

Watch. Like. Comment. Share

Watch. Like. Comment. Share


You have stepped onto a new path, a new journey. Your Champion will need you to step over the obstacles by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It's your time and you have some winning to do. It's time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change in your life.

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